Andor and Beyond

Jen’s Game

Hi everyone. I came across this little site while web surfing, and I’ve decided to take my game to the internet. This is totally a Work In Progress, but I’m hoping to have everything finished before we start my game, which is slated to go up next.

Please make sure you always check the home page first. It’s here that I’m going to keep announcements, etc. Also, if you miss a week, I’ll always make sure to keep track of what level you are. (PS – You should be level 17. If you aren’t, make yourself up to be.)

The Site Itself

There are several different tabs up top, as you can see. As I work on the tabs, I’ll keep an update over here so you’ll know when stuff is done.

Adventure Log

Adventure Log is complete and up to date!


Wiki is fully updated!
h5. Characters


NPCs are all updated! Hurrah! Also, I’ve updated the text for Former PCs.

PC main pages (except for Stefan’s current one) are up! As I see people logging in, I’ll set them up with their character page. PLEASE fill in your info! Also make sure to detail (somewhere) your equipment and backstory. Backstories are fun to play with, and equipment makes my life easier for giving you loot. Also, if you have a wish list, put it there as well! If you do not ask, you shall not receive.

Mike, Sean, and Ed have their pages assigned to them. Still waiting on Stefan and Dennis.


Haven’t even gotten to look at it yet.


As of right now, forums are the last thing on my To Do list. I don’t really know what, if anything, I’m going to be doing with them.


Extremely helpful if you’re not sure if we’re playing that day, or if you can’t make it. That way I at least won’t forget.


Haven’t even looked there yet, but I see it as being extremely useful.

Closing Remarks

ETA for the restarting of the game is about 2 weeks. PLEASE have this all finished before we begin again, I would like to be up and ready to go!


Andor and Beyond

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