City States of Febraen

City States of Febraen

The City States of Febraen are located on the Western Continent. They are primarily settled by Humans, however with the Tiefling land to the direct north, and dragons (with their dragonborn slaves) spotting across the continent, as well as other neighbors, seeing non-humans within the walls isn’t anything odd.


Fabraen used to be a kingdom until about 200 years ago. A high noble didn’t like the new crown prince, and stole the Bowl of Cleansing and the Chalice of Purity to prevent him from being crowned. Without those items, a king could not be crowned, and it was decided that the nobles would rule over each city as a City State until the artifacts were recovered. To this day, the artifacts still have not turned up.

Key Cities and Locations Within the City States

  • Jartha
  • Orecria
  • Mt. Petme

Key People Encountered Within

  • Lord Douglas
  • Lady Arabella
  • Lord Sandvig
  • Andrew Roberts

City States of Febraen

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