Andor is a country located on the island between the two main continents. Andor took up most of the large island itself, except for a wall that was placed to keep the barbarian and orc tribes penned in on the north end of the island, and out of the country itself.

Important Names in Andor

King Whitan
Royal General Blaik
High Wizard Arieson

Politics of Andor

Andor is traditionally led by a king, who is closely advised by his Royal General. The king is traditionally the eldest son, while the royal general is the king’s younger brother, or in some cases, a close friend of the king who he grew up with. When the king has children, the one destined to be the next king is immediately set up to start making decisions to rule the southern, merchant heavy half of the country, while the next Royal General is taken up north to the constant fight on the wall to experience military tactics first hand.

Currently, Andor has been involved in a bit of political turmoil. King Whitan has two children – his daughter Dynara and his son Siad. Due to a love of military tactics on Siad‘s part, as well as a great head for politics on Dynara’s part, King Whitan has declared Dynara as Andor’s first ever crown princess, and has allowed his son to be the Royal Page. This move has caused some of the noble houses in the south to be outraged, as Andor has never been ruled by a queen. Some are using this as an opportunity to attempt to take the crown for themselves.

Current Events in Andor

Andor has been taken over by a joint team of Orcs, Human Barbarians, Dwarves, and some Goliaths that all seem to be led by a group of cultists. The country has been given over to the Orcs officially, but it’s very clear that the cultists are in charge. Not much is currently known about the cult itself, except that they were doing something with Princess Dynara, who is currently in a magically induced coma.


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