Andor and Beyond

Arc 5 - Royal Arcane Academy Underground
"One way in, No way Out."

After a brilliant arcane insight into the magical doorframe by Gerrard Lewaskir was had, he goes and says that we can proceed but can’t go back out. The only way we can go is forward.

At the bottom of the stairs, we find a basement. It seems like it at one time housed animals. Chains and collars dot the walls. The room is smelly- it’s been cleared out but not cleaned out. We also see demon orcs, and fight them, including one increasingly happy death knight.

At the end of the battle where Gerrard goes and gunslinger magic missiles the last two enemies to death, Mikal finally joins the party by leaving the stairwell as the firestorm subsides. The party short-rested, then after seeing an explosion as Gerrard’s familiar causes an explosion, the party traversed the hallway and after not checking the door for traps, the doors exploded and the party engaged more armored enemies.

After a messy battle where multiple people were injured severely and were maimed, a boss appears and causes lots of death, then finally after a long and grueling battle, the underground tunnel collapses behind us, and causes us to get thrust forward into a crypt.

Arc 5 - Royal Arcane Academy
Fighting Orcs and Cultists

The party since failed in it’s quest. Thorn the ranger is given a hero’s burial.

To get to the Royal Library for the information on Acererak, the party needs to go to the Royal Arcane Academy and get into the High Wizard’s office and recover a special ritual book and a special pouch of magical components. Everything else in the room is explosive and/or dangerous so don’t touch anything else. Don’t let anyone steal the amulet, or lose it in any way- if necessary destroy it instead of letting it fall into the wrong hands.

Once complete in quest, use a sending ritual to activate portal, don’t actually cast use portal, it will explode in the party’s face.

A female Human Warlock walks in, introduces Burns, the party’s new addition to the team.

The party used a Teleportation Circle, Smashed down a door, knocking over some empty boxes and engaged the enemies. The party killed them, walked down a very long hallway, and once the door was opened- Paelias went and put out the torch, resulting in a large explosion in his hands, quite comically. After killing the lot of them, we left off getting ready to head downstairs.

Arc 5 - Southern Andor
Where'd You Come From?

The party was telepored off the Dragonborn Island, most likely never to return there again [sans Mikal and Paelias, they can come back]. Once they arrived at the destination teleport circle, items of a magical nature rained down upon the party, as well as a large sack of various coin, which falls comically upon Vimak’s head, dazing him for but a moment.

When the smoke of the teleportation clears, they find themselves in a room filled with human and elven guards. They have their bows trained at the party, ready to strike. Legate Paelias attempted to talk nice to the guard captain as to not immediately be killed on sight. As they discover they are in Andor, they are told that they will wait for the head wizard to send word and eventually find more knowledge of Acererak.

A while later, the guard comes back and says High Wizard Arieson will see you now. When they walk in, the wizard in his late 30’s questions why the party was teleported into his base. He has good news and bad news- in the royal library, you can get this information, bad news is the castle is being occupied by an orc army led by an angry sorcerer.

[Overview of Northern Andor and Cultists- United Goliaths, Orcs, and Northern Dwarves, they took the wall, nobody returned, then they invaded Morelia. Capital is in ruins, King dead, most of the royal family is dead, Princess Dynara is still alive and semi-protected.]

Wizard Gerrard Lewaskir and an acolyte burst into the room, Gerrard introduce the acolyte who tells the party that the queen-to-be has been captured by cultists and orcs.

As the party enters the courtyard and stand in front of the door, [encounter starts]. As the door opens, the party sees seven statues, six statues look like priests, and a 10’ pit with a pedestal of a statue of an angel. Some of the party members see a secret door behind a tapestry. After destroying the statue of the angel, a smaller angel, and a bird/orc hybrid, Gerrard opens the secret door to find an insanity portal. It happily obliges Gerrard and Vimak with a bright beam of insanity, slowing and confusing light. Paelias was grazed by the beam as well, though his teleportation negated any effect it might have had on him. Paelias and Mikail move closer, and moving up as the last of the group, Gerrard and Vimak fly forward on the currents of wind. When Gerrard opens the door, a cafeteria inhabited with two orc/bird hybrids angrily psychically slashes at Gerrard’s mind.

After navigating a trapped room full of tables and death traps, the party enters a room where the princess stands in the center of a blue sphere of energy. After Gerrard does some arcane research on the ritual, she betrays him and the party, belying her true nature. The cultist playing the princess kills himself, and Paelius gets the princess from the other room.

The Princess is catatonic and frozen in time, Dennis’s character is killed and chooses not to be ressurected, we all extended rest. Called back into study, good news, bad news, worse news, Can’t be fixed by normal means, obscure ritual can restore her, nobody knows it, ritual and components are in the royal arcane tower, can get us there and back, tower has been captured and overrun by orcs.

From Slavery to Freedom
Arc 3

From Slavery to Freedom

In which the characters attempt to escape Acererak’s clutches


The story picks up a few months after the party was captured by Acererak. They woke up separated in a Slave Camp, where they have been ever since. Vimak was put to work digging and Mikal was put to identifying the items discovered in the mines. As for Paelias, he tried to rebel one too many times, so he was put under high supervision maintaining the cleanliness of the camp until Acererak got around to deciding if he needed to be executed. Meanwhile, over those months, the party shared a set of weird dreams about a group of Faen warriors destroying a tomb in the Faewild that was leeching the energy of the land around it for some purpose.

While in the camp, the Vimak met up with a Half Orc Rogue, a fellow miner. One day, the rogue told Vimak he found one of the miners who found what he thinks is a magical portal off the island. Vimak found the rest of the party, and after making some preparations the party managed to band together and escape into the mines. There, the other miner found the undiscovered portal, and before the guards could find them, the party jumped through the portal into the gods know where.

Into Moil

The party exited the portal to find themselves in a strange, dark place. Their new friend went off to explore, and came back a zombie. After a pitched battle with several other zombies, the party cautiously started exploring their new surroundings. Upon doing so, they caught sight of a huge green misty undead creature which Mikal recognized as a legendary creature that can only be found in one place, Moil, the legendary city of the undead. The party battled and snuck their way through Moil, only to end up trapped in one of the towers by the beast they saw earlier. The rogue and Vimak held off the creature while Mikal and Paelias managed to unseal another gate. At the last second, the party leapt through the gate, preferring the unknown destination to the known fate of staying, being eaten, and living the rest of their existence as a part of that beast.

The Tomb of Shadows

The party found themselves in a strange room with ten different archways. The rogue and Vimak ran through each archway, and came out with only a lot of different semi permenent changes to their bodies to show for it. Eventually Mikal found the way out, and upon entering what seemed like a safe spot cast Remove Affliction on them…ultimately resulting in both characters deaths. He resurrected them both, and everyone appeared to be relatively unharmed, except the Orc was missing all of his equipment, and Vimak still had the head of a donkey. After making their way through traps and battles alike, the party discovered an engine similar to the one from their dreams, except this one seemed to be taking energy from the Shadowfell instead. The party destroyed the machine, and in doing so ended up getting sucked into yet another gate.

Cleansing the Crown
Arc 2

Cleansing the Crown

In which the players attempt to gather the lost artifacts to unite the City States of Febraen into a single nation.

Your Next Mission

Lord Douglas has given his team a break at a private resort to keep them out of the way as he consolidates his hold in Jartha. However, the rest is just to get the party ready for his next task. Having needed Sora on a different mission, he instead assigns Flynn II, a paladin in his employ, to the group. Their mission is to locate the Chalice of Purity and the Bowl of Cleansing. They are needed to cleanse the Crown of Febraen so another can wear it, but were lost about 500 years ago. However, he obtained some information on the whereabouts of the Bowl of Cleansing, so he has decided to give this task to this party. He tells the party that he believes he knows where the key to the bowl’s whereabouts is located, gives them directions, and sends them off.

Getting the Key

The party journeys to the northern part of Febraen, where they find a lair, just as they were told. What they weren’t told, however, was that upon entering the lair, they found themselves going through a gate to the interior of the mountain, which is a semi-active volcano. There, they find the key, but must encounter the owner of the lair, a fire dragon, along with the firey beholder he shares the dungeon with. When it became apparent that the dragon was not going to win, the dragon sprung a final trap – the bulk of his horde, stored upon islands floating in the lava, sank. Unfortunately for the party, Alain and Flynn II sank along with the treasure, ending their lives.

Onto the bowl!

Now with the key in hand, the party discovers the bowl’s last known location was amidst a kobold tribe who lives on the top of [[Mt. Pettme | Mt. Pettme]]. The party goes there only to learn that their key is only one half of what is needed to obtain entrance. Luckily for them, they encounter Damien Orthmanne, a hermit that has been dedicating his life to finding the bowl and chalice. After a conversation, he decides to give the party the other half of what they need, along with sending his close friend Shadow to aid them in obtaining the bowl. Upon entering the mountain, the party has the choice to begin climbing the interior of the mountain or to journey down into its depths. Deciding that there may be something under the mountain that might help them defeat the kobolds, the party goes down. What they find is a bunch of undead bringing in a rogue, presumably to feed upon him. After rescuing him, the rogue Corbin Jaasan agrees to help the party, so long as they help him clean out the undead that have taken residence under the mountain.

The party agrees, and fights their way through the dungeon. At the bottom, they have their first encounter with Acererak. Paelias went a bit crazy, as it was a lich that killed his family, and there aren’t many liches in the world. Acererak all but confirmed it was indeed him. Unfortunately for the party, they were soundly defeated. Acererak decided to keep the party alive and enslave them, with the exceptions of Shadow and Corbin, the latter of which ends up being the last party member conscious and attempts to bargain with the lich. Acererak decides he doesn’t want sneaky people who may cause him trouble, and eats the two rogues.

Takeover of Jartha

Takeover of Jartha

A summary of the first story arc, in which the players are tasked to take over the City State of Jartha.


The players are all brought together by Lord Douglas to aid him in becoming the next Lord of Jartha, a city state in the City States of Febraen. To do this, he pulls up a team consisting of Mikal, Paelias, Vimak, Sora, and Alain.

Taking out the Competition

Lord Douglas tasked the party with assassinating Lady Arabella, but making it appear as if another lord, Lord Justin, had done the deed instead of him. The Party broke into Lord Justin’s house to steal evidence, including a dagger from his armory, and blackmailed Arabella’s head maid into letting them in to do their deed. The party was successful, managing to pull this off without any deaths. The party then hid her body, so it would not be discovered until they assassinated the current lord.

Notable Events

At one point Paelias, annoyed with the party’s shenanigans, teleported ahead of them while going through Lord Douglas’s secret tunnel system. That was when he learned why Lord Douglas told them they MUST use the torch in every tunnel to go through – the torchlight interacted with the traps to turn them off. There were explosions, and since, if there is a torch at the beginning of any tunnel/dungeon, Paelias is the one who holds it.

And now, the head honcho.

The party turned their attention to their main target, Lord Sandvig. They put together a plan similar to the plan to assassinate Arabella, use someone to get in, and blame Lord Justin. Each party member was responsible for delivering a letter from Lord Douglas to different people to enlist their aid, including a concubine, two guards of the Lord’s Palace, a town guard, and a member of Lord Justin’s estate. Despite complications, the party was ultimately successful in their endeavor, taking no losses.

Notable Events

Alain was trying to obtain the help of a concubine who serviced Lord Sandvig. She turned him down and turned him over to the guards. Alain felt he was in the right, as he had paid a significant sum to see her. The guards brushed him off, and this led to him attempting to single-handedly storm the guard barracks. During a shift change. Alain was subdued and released into the care of fellow party member Paelias, as well as ordered to participate in community service for an in-determinant amount of time.

Due to Alain going back to his happy go lucky nature, and not complaining when the guards gave him the worst of all jobs to do, they determined that the incident was a one time thing. Upon passing their test, he only did two weeks of community service in the kitchens while the guards played around with his blob.

Vimak's Log

This section will be an ongoing commentary kept from the point of view of the lovable (in his oppinion) Goliath Fighter Vimak. Once we start the campaign again I plan on updating after each session as almost like a diary written by Vimak. His point of view, what he thinks about his party members and NPCs and other adventures. Just thought it would be a fun addition to our collective experiance.


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