As far as potential rulers go, Dynara is quite young, having just passed her 26th birthday recently. She has long red hair (a trait that crops up now and again in the royal family) and her father’s commanding green eyes.



Dynara is the Crown Princess of Andor.


Father: King Whitan
Brother: Siad
Uncle: Royal General Blaik

Dynara’s mother died giving birth to Siad.

Current Situation

Dynara is currently leading the fight for her crown against some of the more stubborn (or greedy) Noble Houses of Andor. Andor has never been ruled by a queen before, and while some of the nobles are honestly super conservative, others are trying to use this political unrest to take her crown for their own.

When the Orcs attacked, she managed to save as many people in the palace as she could, commoners and nobles alike. She has since proven her extraordinary management abilities time and time again, setting up small, hidden areas for those survivors who can’t (or won’t) fight to live their lives and be protected, as well as coordinating the rebellion against these invaders. One of her major current goals is to discover the whereabouts of Siad, her brother, and Royal General Blaik as their skill in leading battles is something the rebels desperately need if they are going to take back their country.


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