Alain and Blob

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Alain (and his blob familiar) were original members of the party who was hired by Lord Douglas to help him take over Jartha.


Alain was very happy go lucky, except when he lost his temper. It only happened once, but the one time it happened was probably his most memorable moment of all.

Alain was trying to obtain the help of a concubine who serviced Lord Sandvig. She turned him down and turned him over to the guards. Alain felt he was in the right, as he had paid a significant sum to see her. The guards brushed him off, and this led to him attempting to single-handedly storm the guard barracks. During a shift change. Alain was subdued and released into the care of fellow party member Paelias, as well as ordered to participate in community service for an in-determinant amount of time.

Due to Alain going back to his happy go lucky nature, and not complaining when the guards gave him the worst of all jobs to do, they determined that the incident was a one time thing. Upon passing their test, he only did two weeks of community service in the kitchens while the guards played around with his blob.

Alain was instrumental in the slaying of Lady Arabella and Lord Sandvig.

Alain left with the party for Lord Douglas’s second quest, since due to the incident with the guards he had become too prolific to remain in Jartha.

Alain’s Death

The party was led to battle a fire dragon during their search for the Bowl of Cleansing. During the battle, Alain located himself on an island filled with the dragon’s treasure, so as to safely attack people from a distance. Unfortunately for Alain, once the dragon realized he was going to be defeated, he sprung his final trap, sinking the treasure islands into the lava.

Alain managed to swim his way almost to the main island. Paelias pulled him onto the island, but instead of saving him, Paelias rummaged through his stuff, decided there was nothing he wanted on Alain’s body, and rolled his unconscious party member back into the lava, which killed him. No attempt was made to resurrect him, as the party did not have any part of his body.

The Blob

Alian’s familiar, a jibbering blob covered in mouths, was seen as the party’s pet and mascot. Party members, guards, and townsfolk alike were charmed by the creature, despite his fearsome appearance. “Feed the Blob” became a very popular game.

The blob vanished when his master died, and hasn’t been seen since.


Alain and Blob

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