Acererak is a demilich that the party is currently looking to track down.


Acererak is a notorious lich who most people thought had already been defeated about 800 years ago. He is most well known for his stronghold, the Tomb of Horrors which claimed thousands of lives. He was finally defeated just as he was poised to take over the world.

Relation to the party

Acererak is believed to be the lich that defeated and enslaved the party while they were on their quest for Bowl of Cleansing. He is also believed to be the creator of the dungeon in the Faerealm that was destroyed by a party of faen warriors (all of which was viewed in the dreams of the current players) as well as a dungeon the party discovered in the Shadowfell during their escape from the slave camp.

Paelias believes Acererak is responsible for the death of his wife and children.



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