Andor and Beyond

From Slavery to Freedom

Arc 3

From Slavery to Freedom

In which the characters attempt to escape Acererak’s clutches


The story picks up a few months after the party was captured by Acererak. They woke up separated in a Slave Camp, where they have been ever since. Vimak was put to work digging and Mikal was put to identifying the items discovered in the mines. As for Paelias, he tried to rebel one too many times, so he was put under high supervision maintaining the cleanliness of the camp until Acererak got around to deciding if he needed to be executed. Meanwhile, over those months, the party shared a set of weird dreams about a group of Faen warriors destroying a tomb in the Faewild that was leeching the energy of the land around it for some purpose.

While in the camp, the Vimak met up with a Half Orc Rogue, a fellow miner. One day, the rogue told Vimak he found one of the miners who found what he thinks is a magical portal off the island. Vimak found the rest of the party, and after making some preparations the party managed to band together and escape into the mines. There, the other miner found the undiscovered portal, and before the guards could find them, the party jumped through the portal into the gods know where.

Into Moil

The party exited the portal to find themselves in a strange, dark place. Their new friend went off to explore, and came back a zombie. After a pitched battle with several other zombies, the party cautiously started exploring their new surroundings. Upon doing so, they caught sight of a huge green misty undead creature which Mikal recognized as a legendary creature that can only be found in one place, Moil, the legendary city of the undead. The party battled and snuck their way through Moil, only to end up trapped in one of the towers by the beast they saw earlier. The rogue and Vimak held off the creature while Mikal and Paelias managed to unseal another gate. At the last second, the party leapt through the gate, preferring the unknown destination to the known fate of staying, being eaten, and living the rest of their existence as a part of that beast.

The Tomb of Shadows

The party found themselves in a strange room with ten different archways. The rogue and Vimak ran through each archway, and came out with only a lot of different semi permenent changes to their bodies to show for it. Eventually Mikal found the way out, and upon entering what seemed like a safe spot cast Remove Affliction on them…ultimately resulting in both characters deaths. He resurrected them both, and everyone appeared to be relatively unharmed, except the Orc was missing all of his equipment, and Vimak still had the head of a donkey. After making their way through traps and battles alike, the party discovered an engine similar to the one from their dreams, except this one seemed to be taking energy from the Shadowfell instead. The party destroyed the machine, and in doing so ended up getting sucked into yet another gate.



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