Andor and Beyond

Cleansing the Crown

Arc 2

Cleansing the Crown

In which the players attempt to gather the lost artifacts to unite the City States of Febraen into a single nation.

Your Next Mission

Lord Douglas has given his team a break at a private resort to keep them out of the way as he consolidates his hold in Jartha. However, the rest is just to get the party ready for his next task. Having needed Sora on a different mission, he instead assigns Flynn II, a paladin in his employ, to the group. Their mission is to locate the Chalice of Purity and the Bowl of Cleansing. They are needed to cleanse the Crown of Febraen so another can wear it, but were lost about 500 years ago. However, he obtained some information on the whereabouts of the Bowl of Cleansing, so he has decided to give this task to this party. He tells the party that he believes he knows where the key to the bowl’s whereabouts is located, gives them directions, and sends them off.

Getting the Key

The party journeys to the northern part of Febraen, where they find a lair, just as they were told. What they weren’t told, however, was that upon entering the lair, they found themselves going through a gate to the interior of the mountain, which is a semi-active volcano. There, they find the key, but must encounter the owner of the lair, a fire dragon, along with the firey beholder he shares the dungeon with. When it became apparent that the dragon was not going to win, the dragon sprung a final trap – the bulk of his horde, stored upon islands floating in the lava, sank. Unfortunately for the party, Alain and Flynn II sank along with the treasure, ending their lives.

Onto the bowl!

Now with the key in hand, the party discovers the bowl’s last known location was amidst a kobold tribe who lives on the top of [[Mt. Pettme | Mt. Pettme]]. The party goes there only to learn that their key is only one half of what is needed to obtain entrance. Luckily for them, they encounter Damien Orthmanne, a hermit that has been dedicating his life to finding the bowl and chalice. After a conversation, he decides to give the party the other half of what they need, along with sending his close friend Shadow to aid them in obtaining the bowl. Upon entering the mountain, the party has the choice to begin climbing the interior of the mountain or to journey down into its depths. Deciding that there may be something under the mountain that might help them defeat the kobolds, the party goes down. What they find is a bunch of undead bringing in a rogue, presumably to feed upon him. After rescuing him, the rogue Corbin Jaasan agrees to help the party, so long as they help him clean out the undead that have taken residence under the mountain.

The party agrees, and fights their way through the dungeon. At the bottom, they have their first encounter with Acererak. Paelias went a bit crazy, as it was a lich that killed his family, and there aren’t many liches in the world. Acererak all but confirmed it was indeed him. Unfortunately for the party, they were soundly defeated. Acererak decided to keep the party alive and enslave them, with the exceptions of Shadow and Corbin, the latter of which ends up being the last party member conscious and attempts to bargain with the lich. Acererak decides he doesn’t want sneaky people who may cause him trouble, and eats the two rogues.



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