Andor and Beyond

Arc 5 - Royal Arcane Academy

Fighting Orcs and Cultists

The party since failed in it’s quest. Thorn the ranger is given a hero’s burial.

To get to the Royal Library for the information on Acererak, the party needs to go to the Royal Arcane Academy and get into the High Wizard’s office and recover a special ritual book and a special pouch of magical components. Everything else in the room is explosive and/or dangerous so don’t touch anything else. Don’t let anyone steal the amulet, or lose it in any way- if necessary destroy it instead of letting it fall into the wrong hands.

Once complete in quest, use a sending ritual to activate portal, don’t actually cast use portal, it will explode in the party’s face.

A female Human Warlock walks in, introduces Burns, the party’s new addition to the team.

The party used a Teleportation Circle, Smashed down a door, knocking over some empty boxes and engaged the enemies. The party killed them, walked down a very long hallway, and once the door was opened- Paelias went and put out the torch, resulting in a large explosion in his hands, quite comically. After killing the lot of them, we left off getting ready to head downstairs.


Legatus Paelias Silverlight has been since found to suffer from facemphobia, or fear of torch traps. This is due to Jen’s consistent use of trapped torches.

Arc 5 - Royal Arcane Academy

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