Andor and Beyond

Arc 5 - Royal Arcane Academy Underground

"One way in, No way Out."

After a brilliant arcane insight into the magical doorframe by Gerrard Lewaskir was had, he goes and says that we can proceed but can’t go back out. The only way we can go is forward.

At the bottom of the stairs, we find a basement. It seems like it at one time housed animals. Chains and collars dot the walls. The room is smelly- it’s been cleared out but not cleaned out. We also see demon orcs, and fight them, including one increasingly happy death knight.

At the end of the battle where Gerrard goes and gunslinger magic missiles the last two enemies to death, Mikal finally joins the party by leaving the stairwell as the firestorm subsides. The party short-rested, then after seeing an explosion as Gerrard’s familiar causes an explosion, the party traversed the hallway and after not checking the door for traps, the doors exploded and the party engaged more armored enemies.

After a messy battle where multiple people were injured severely and were maimed, a boss appears and causes lots of death, then finally after a long and grueling battle, the underground tunnel collapses behind us, and causes us to get thrust forward into a crypt.



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