Andor and Beyond

Arc 5 - Southern Andor

Where'd You Come From?

The party was telepored off the Dragonborn Island, most likely never to return there again [sans Mikal and Paelias, they can come back]. Once they arrived at the destination teleport circle, items of a magical nature rained down upon the party, as well as a large sack of various coin, which falls comically upon Vimak’s head, dazing him for but a moment.

When the smoke of the teleportation clears, they find themselves in a room filled with human and elven guards. They have their bows trained at the party, ready to strike. Legate Paelias attempted to talk nice to the guard captain as to not immediately be killed on sight. As they discover they are in Andor, they are told that they will wait for the head wizard to send word and eventually find more knowledge of Acererak.

A while later, the guard comes back and says High Wizard Arieson will see you now. When they walk in, the wizard in his late 30’s questions why the party was teleported into his base. He has good news and bad news- in the royal library, you can get this information, bad news is the castle is being occupied by an orc army led by an angry sorcerer.

[Overview of Northern Andor and Cultists- United Goliaths, Orcs, and Northern Dwarves, they took the wall, nobody returned, then they invaded Morelia. Capital is in ruins, King dead, most of the royal family is dead, Princess Dynara is still alive and semi-protected.]

Wizard Gerrard Lewaskir and an acolyte burst into the room, Gerrard introduce the acolyte who tells the party that the queen-to-be has been captured by cultists and orcs.

As the party enters the courtyard and stand in front of the door, [encounter starts]. As the door opens, the party sees seven statues, six statues look like priests, and a 10’ pit with a pedestal of a statue of an angel. Some of the party members see a secret door behind a tapestry. After destroying the statue of the angel, a smaller angel, and a bird/orc hybrid, Gerrard opens the secret door to find an insanity portal. It happily obliges Gerrard and Vimak with a bright beam of insanity, slowing and confusing light. Paelias was grazed by the beam as well, though his teleportation negated any effect it might have had on him. Paelias and Mikail move closer, and moving up as the last of the group, Gerrard and Vimak fly forward on the currents of wind. When Gerrard opens the door, a cafeteria inhabited with two orc/bird hybrids angrily psychically slashes at Gerrard’s mind.

After navigating a trapped room full of tables and death traps, the party enters a room where the princess stands in the center of a blue sphere of energy. After Gerrard does some arcane research on the ritual, she betrays him and the party, belying her true nature. The cultist playing the princess kills himself, and Paelius gets the princess from the other room.

The Princess is catatonic and frozen in time, Dennis’s character is killed and chooses not to be ressurected, we all extended rest. Called back into study, good news, bad news, worse news, Can’t be fixed by normal means, obscure ritual can restore her, nobody knows it, ritual and components are in the royal arcane tower, can get us there and back, tower has been captured and overrun by orcs.



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