Andor and Beyond

Takeover of Jartha


Takeover of Jartha

A summary of the first story arc, in which the players are tasked to take over the City State of Jartha.


The players are all brought together by Lord Douglas to aid him in becoming the next Lord of Jartha, a city state in the City States of Febraen. To do this, he pulls up a team consisting of Mikal, Paelias, Vimak, Sora, and Alain.

Taking out the Competition

Lord Douglas tasked the party with assassinating Lady Arabella, but making it appear as if another lord, Lord Justin, had done the deed instead of him. The Party broke into Lord Justin’s house to steal evidence, including a dagger from his armory, and blackmailed Arabella’s head maid into letting them in to do their deed. The party was successful, managing to pull this off without any deaths. The party then hid her body, so it would not be discovered until they assassinated the current lord.

Notable Events

At one point Paelias, annoyed with the party’s shenanigans, teleported ahead of them while going through Lord Douglas’s secret tunnel system. That was when he learned why Lord Douglas told them they MUST use the torch in every tunnel to go through – the torchlight interacted with the traps to turn them off. There were explosions, and since, if there is a torch at the beginning of any tunnel/dungeon, Paelias is the one who holds it.

And now, the head honcho.

The party turned their attention to their main target, Lord Sandvig. They put together a plan similar to the plan to assassinate Arabella, use someone to get in, and blame Lord Justin. Each party member was responsible for delivering a letter from Lord Douglas to different people to enlist their aid, including a concubine, two guards of the Lord’s Palace, a town guard, and a member of Lord Justin’s estate. Despite complications, the party was ultimately successful in their endeavor, taking no losses.

Notable Events

Alain was trying to obtain the help of a concubine who serviced Lord Sandvig. She turned him down and turned him over to the guards. Alain felt he was in the right, as he had paid a significant sum to see her. The guards brushed him off, and this led to him attempting to single-handedly storm the guard barracks. During a shift change. Alain was subdued and released into the care of fellow party member Paelias, as well as ordered to participate in community service for an in-determinant amount of time.

Due to Alain going back to his happy go lucky nature, and not complaining when the guards gave him the worst of all jobs to do, they determined that the incident was a one time thing. Upon passing their test, he only did two weeks of community service in the kitchens while the guards played around with his blob.



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